Omaha Fire Chief Dan Olsen to Retire in March

Photo: Omaha Fire Department

(Omaha, NE) -- Omaha Fire Chief Dan Olsen will retire March 24, after 30 years of service to the Omaha Fire Department.

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert's Office made the announcement on Monday. Chief Olsen joined the Omaha Fire Department in 1993 and has held command positions since 2007. Stothert appointed Olsen to Fire Chief in 2016. During his tenure as Chief, he supervised the design and construction of Omaha’s first new fire station in 22 years. Station 31 opened at 34th and L in July. Plans are currently underway to build the 25th fire station, in northwest Omaha, and a joint Omaha Fire-Omaha Police public safety headquarters.

“Throughout his career with the Omaha Fire Department, Chief Olsen’s priority has always been the safety of our citizens and firefighters,” said Mayor Stothert. “This position requires superior operational experience, budget and personnel management, leadership skills and public relations. Chief Olsen has set high standards for himself and the Omaha Fire Department.”

“It has been a true honor to serve as your Fire Chief,” said Olsen.“In an emergency, the citizens of Omaha can be confident that the Omaha Fire Department will always respond with professionalism and compassion. The fire service is a rewarding career and I am grateful to Mayor Stothert for the opportunity to lead this department.”

Olsen’s monthly gross pension benefit will be $10,514.94. Mayor Stothert will appoint a successor from within the Omaha Fire Department. The application, evaluation and interview process will be coordinated by the Human Resources Department.

Assistant Fire Chief John McCormick also retires this week. McCormick and Chief Olsen started at the fire training academy in the same class in 1993. Battalion Chief Scott Fitzpatrick will replace McCormick as Acting Assistant Chief.

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