Deer Fawning Brings Nature To Many Iowa Property Owners

(Des Moines, IA) -- It's deer fawning season and that means female deer are on the move in Iowa -- possibly into a nook or cranny on your property.

Jim Coffey, Wildlife Biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources says the mother sees that as a great place to hide her fawn. He says "Doe's want to be away from other deer, they try to find exclusive places, unique places to hide that fawn. That's a protection factor."

He says as tempting as it is to approach or touch a cowering fawn, don't.

According to Coffey, "One, it's usually a very unique thing because we're all excited to see that young baby newborn fawn of the year, but we don't want to touch it, we don't want to leave scent on it, and we won't want to disturb it. That mother knows where that fawn is at, and she actively leaves it alone as a protective measure."

Drivers are also urged to be more cautious on state roads in anticipation of these roving deer.


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