Adel, Iowa Man Accused Of Ramming Camper With Someone Inside

(Dallas County, IA) -- An Adel man is charged with two counts of attempted murder. Sixty-five-year-old Kelly Broyles is accused of using his pickup truck to ram a camper with people inside it. A criminal complaint also states Broyles is also accused of trying to run over a woman.

A Dallas County Sheriff's deputy was called Sunday after 5:30 p.m. to 319 N. 7th Street and encountered Boyles in a black pickup stuck in the yard, due to three flat tires. Witnesses told authorities Broyles was angry the camper was blocking access to his garden, and angry that people were living there, prompting him to ram the camper.

A woman told the deputy she got behind the truck to try and stop Broyles, but she says Broyles accelerated and hit her. Witnesses say Broyles then ran over a metal patio furniture set, popping his tires.

The victim recorded the events on her phone. Broyles is in the Dallas County Jail.

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