Iowa Pork Battle Against California's Prop 12 Heads In New Direction

Little pink pig looks over a wooden fence

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(Des Moines, IA) -- States representing more than half of the country's pork production, are taking a new strategy to combat a California law, which dictates how pork is raised. Eleven Republican governors, including Iowa's Kim Reynolds, want Congress to reintroduce a bill that would uphold the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. The governors maintain that would prevent states from impeding interstate agricultural trade. The action is in response to the U-S Supreme Court's recent ruling in favor of California's Proposition 12.


The letter to congressional leadership states in part: 


"Despite California's reliance on its fellow States for food, Proposition 12 threatens to disrupt the very system Californians depend on for their pork supply. Its strict, activist-drafted requirements for pig farming sharply depart from the practices which are lawful in our States." 


“California’s onerous requirements will pass the buck to American consumers – worsening the inflationary crisis gripping our economy,” said Governor Reynolds. “Iowa’s pork producers use science-based techniques to help feed America and the world, and California’s activist-drafted requirements will have a dramatic negative impact on those facing food insecurity. It’s time for Congress to use their power and allow pork producers around the country to do what they do best.” 


"I am proud to partner with Governor Reynolds in leading this initiative, alongside this group of governors," said Governor Pillen. "Congress needs to act to protect our nation's agricultural interests from state's that are working to put onerous and unfounded regulations on livestock producers that will ultimately increase food costs and hurt farming operations." 


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