Iowa Under Air Quality Alert

Photo: National Weather Service

(Undated) -- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has issued an Air Quality Advisory for Iowa. The DNR states the worst air quality is expected in the eastern third of the state, where fine particulates will be at unhealthy concentrations. The conditions are expected to persist through Wednesday. Elevated levels of fine particulates may be a concern over the next several days as the smoke move thru the state.

The DNR recommends people reduce long or intense activities and take more breaks during outdoor activities until air quality improves. The DNR says the recommendation is especially pertinent to those with heart or lung disease, older adults, children, teens, and outdoor workers. The DNR says people in these categories should consider rescheduling or moving outdoor activities indoors.

The Marion Parks and Recreation Department has cancelled all outdoor programs for today, June 27. This includes the Peg Pierce Softball and Marion Boys Baseball activities.  The Marion Pool was also closed.

The advisory from Linn County Public Health says that while the general population may find the air quality to be acceptable, those sensitive to air pollution should reduce the amount of time spent outdoors doing strenuous activity until conditions improve. 

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