Omaha Officer-Involved Shooting Information Released

The information is in a news release from OPD:

The Omaha Police Officer Involved Investigations Team has interviewed the involved officer in a shooting incident from last week.

The involved employee is K-9 Officer Tamara Phillips.

She has been with Omaha Police since 2018.

Phillips remains on administrative leave at this time.

Her statement was consistent with other witness statements and the physical evidence found at the scene.

The incident was captured on Officer Phillips’ body worn camera which also corroborates her actions and statement.

The investigation showed Phillips pulled into the driveway of 6036 Q St. with her marked K-9 police cruiser after hearing a broadcast on the radio about an armed individual involved in a disturbance in the Northwest Precinct.

Officer Phillips immediately encountered James Wilson in the driveway of the residence, at which time he began firing at Officer Phillips with a handgun.

Officer Phillips then returned fire using her police issued sidearm from the inside of her police cruiser.

The officer exited her cruiser and was able to maneuver using her police cruiser as cover as Wilson continued to fire his handgun at her.

The officer continued to return fire which struck Wilson in his legs.

Wilson then ran out of ammunition and threw his handgun under the police cruiser.

The weapon was located in the driveway at the rear of Officer Phillips’s police cruiser.

Phillips did not fire any additional shots after Wilson discarded his handgun.

After responding backup officers arrived, Officer Phillips provided medical care to Wilson and applied a tourniquet to his injured leg.

An examination of Officer Phillips’s police cruiser showed rounds from Wilson’s handgun impacting the front windshield and driver’s side window and door.

Her K-9 partner was not deployed and was not injured.

Wilson is at Douglas County Corrections for attempted 2nd degree murder, three counts of terroristic threats, two counts of use of a weapon to commit a felony, and misdemeanor destruction of property.

(Pictures from Getty Images and Omaha Police)

Officer Phillips

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