Homeless Vets Get Care at Iowa State Capitol Complex

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(Des Moines, IA) -- Homeless veterans in central Iowa are getting free services this weekend, including employment, shelter, and clothing assistance, at the annual Homeless Veterans Stand Down. It's happening at the site of the old Des Moines General hospital, on the northeast corner of the Iowa Capitol Complex. Malina Cottington says the three day event also features free meals for veterans, including three meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.

"It's always good that they have somebody in the community that knows what they've been through and what they're going through, and their needs," Cottington said during an interview on the Simon Conway Show on Newsradio 1040 WHO.

A number of veterans could be seen taking part on Saturday morning. "Numbers are high," says John Malloy, Sr., working with the event. This year brings the return of the sleeping tent, which had been removed for the past three years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"I think we're making a difference because we've got so many services here" says Nick Lemmo, a volunteer staff member. "We're trying to get all of our veterans housed."

Homeless Veterans Stand Down continues through Sunday morning, September 17th.

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