Iowa DOT Preparing For Winter

Photo shows Iowa DOT snow plow driving on snow-covered highway.

Photo: Iowa DOT

(Ames, IA) -- This morning's cool temperatures left frost on rooftops and in grassy areas. The cool weather is also serving as a reminder of what's to come. Tina Greenfield of the Iowa Department of Transportation says crews are in the process of switching trucks and equipment from the summer season to winter/snow removal season.

"This is the time of year when we start seeing things like frost and chances of snow," said Greenfield. She reminds drivers that even ahead of the snow, bridges and overpasses can become icy and slick.

She notes crews have also been experimenting with systems that will better apply salt and salt brine from their big trucks. She says there have been three proposals from staffers, all involving chutes. She says all three are effective at applying materials, and says the question may come down to cost and durability.

Greenfield says their largest trucks can carry 900 gallons of brine and up to seven tons of dry material such as salt. She says there's a science to snow removal, the amount and type of product used all depends on the weather and the conditions.

Iowa DOT testing out new system for improve application of salt and salt brine.Photo: Iowa DOT

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