Scott County, Iowa Judge Sentences Henry Dinkins To Life Without Parole

Henry Dinkins in Scott County CourtPhoto: WQAD-TV

(Scott County, IA) -- A Scott County Iowa Judge today (Wednesday) sentenced Henry Dinkins to two consecutive life prison terms with out the possibility of parole. Dinkins was convicted last month of First Degree Kidnapping and First Degree Murder in the 2020 death of 10-year old Breasia Terrell.

"The defendant has an adult criminal record dating back to 1989, this history coupled with the horrific nature of these offenses against his own child's sister, require that this defendant be removed from society for the protection of society," said Judge Henry Latham.

"It's very clear to this court that you have no conscience or remorse for your actions. You blatantly lied about trying to find Breasia, you took no legitimate actions to find her, you knew exactly where she was," said Latham.

Prior to sentencing the court heard from Dinkins who said he did not get a fair trial and felt he was racially profiled and railroaded. The judge responded that he disagreed, saying his ruling was based on evidence and justice was served.

The mother of Breasia Terrell, Aishia Lankford gave an emotional victim impact statement, in which she asked Dinkins numerous pointed questions about the final moments of her daughter's life.

"Did she see those gunshots coming? Did you shoot her while she was trying to get away? Did she scream for help? Did she beg you to stop?" asked Lankford.

"She didn't have to be gunned down like that, nor left like that, out there like she was just trash. She didn't deserve that," Lankford spoke thru tears to Dinkins as he awaited sentencing.

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