Dates And Times For Cedar Rapids Leaf Collection

Full frame shot of maple leaves,Newmarket,Ontario,Canada

Photo: Kevin Ford / 500px / 500px / Getty Images

(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- Cedar Rapids starts its leaf collection program today. The city asks for leaves to be raked to the boulevard no later than 7:00 a.m on collection day. Leaves will be vacuumed on the following schedule:

Southeast Quadrant -- Mondays & Tuesdays. October 16th and 17th, October 30th and 31st, November 13th and 14th, and November 27th and 28th.

Northeast Quadrant -- Mondays & Tuesdays. October 23rd and 24th, November 6th and 7th, November 20th and 21st, and December 4th and 5th.

Southwest Quadrants - Wednesdays & Thursdays. October 18th and 19th, November 1st and 2nd, November 15th and 16th, and November 29th and 30th.

Northwest Quadrant -- Wednesdays & Thursdays. October 25th and 26th, November 8th and 9th, November 22nd and 23rd, and December 6th and 7th.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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