City of Ankeny Installs New Flashing Beacons in Crosswalks

Photo: Daniel Llao Calvet / Moment / Getty Images

(Ankeny, IA) -- Four additional crosswalks in Ankeny have new Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, or RRFBs.

The RRFBs are flashing signals that pedestrians can activate by pushing a button at a crosswalk. New RRFBs were installed at the following locations:

  • SE Shurfine Drive at the High Trestle Trail crossing
  • SE Magazine Road at the school crosswalk near SE Trilein Drive
  • NW Ash Drive at NW Wagner Boulevard
  • NW Prairie Ridge Drive at the school crosswalk south of the school

The city is reminding drivers that they are required to stop for pedestrians when the beacons are flashing.

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