Iowa's Shotgun Deer Season Opens This Weekend

Photo shows four does grazing in field in Urbandale, Iowa.

Photo: Sue Danielson

(Des Moines, IA) -- The first of Iowa's two shotgun deer seasons is this weekend. Iowa Department of Natural Resources Hunter Education Coordinator Jamie Cook says typically around 100,000 hunters will participate in the two seasons.

Cook says unfortunately the state has had a couple of hunting fatalities already this fall. He reminds hunters about target fixation- focusing so intently on their target that they miss other things and/or people around them that could be too close. He also reminds hunters to wear plenty of blaze orange so they can be seen by other hunters, especially in tall grassy prairie areas. Cook also says hunters should avoid shooting at running deer, and have a hunt plan so hunters know where they can and cannot take a safe shot. Cook says if you're going to be hunting from a tree stand, go out in advance and inspect the tree stand to make sure it is safe.

Pheasant season also continues.

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