Eighth Annual Christkindlmarket Brings Thousands Downtown

(Des Moines, IA) -- A German-themed Christmas market is bring thousands of visitors to downtown Des Moines this weekend. The eighth annual Christkindlmarket is the largest of its kind outside of Chicago, that's according to festival director Suzanne Hull. "We're excited to be back," Hull said, "it's going to be bigger than last year. We have three times the number of vendors we had in 2016."

Vendors are offering an assortment of items, including handmade soap and candles, handmade woodcraft items, and specialty chocolate and food items. A Christmas Forest tree display is included near the center of the festival.

"We work with our food trucks and food head vendors to curate very specific menus to represent European culture," Hull said. She says some vendors offer fusion foods while others are more traditional.

Visitors will also witness live music, and have the chance to enjoy spiced wine and beer.

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