Indianola Mother Receives Support After Van Stolen

Police light on a car of the German police

Photo: fhm / Moment / Getty Images

(Indianola, IA) -- A single mom with six children whose van was stolen from her driveway in Indianola is getting help from strangers. Police say the man who stole the van belonging to Jennifer Moore crashed it during a high speed chase and the van was totaled. Indianola police arrested a 23-year-old from Des Moines for car theft, fleeing police, and reckless driving in connection to the case. Moore says her liability insurance doesn't cover replacing the minivan or any of her possessions inside, including children's school computer tablets and other belongings that were destroyed in the crash.

A GoFundMe account to help Moore buy a new van already has raised over six-thousand dollars in one day... and is rising.

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