Milan USPS Workers Protesting Possible Changes Of Being Relocated

Woman's hand placing a 2020 mail-in election ballot in a rural mailbox

Photo: Tetra Images / Tetra images / Getty Images

(Milan, IL) -- Nearby United States Postal Service workers and community members are protesting against possible changes to the Milan processing and distribution center.

A community feedback meeting was held Tuesday, February 6th by the Postal Service to discuss its mail processing facility.

People were protesting the possible change of altering the distribution center and transferring certain mail processing operations from Milan to Des Moines.

USPS says transferring a large portion of mail to Des Moines would increase efficiency, but some community members feel it could cause for delivery delays.

Employees are also worried about being relocated.

USPS assures no one will be laid off.

No decisions on changes have been made yet.

Written comments can be left for the USPS here, but must be submitted by February 21st.

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