Three Des Moines Residents Convicted Of Attempted Murder

Gavel, scales of justice and law books.

Photo: boonchai wedmakawand / Moment / Getty Images

(Polk County, IA) -- Three Des Moines residents accused of firing 48-gunshots at three people, have been convicted of attempted murder. Police say John Alcorn III (31), Robert Lyons (61), and Lyons' daughter Rebecca Lyons (39) were convicted after a week-and-a-half trial. Alcorn and Robert Lyons were also convicted of willful injury causing serious injury. Rebecca Lyons was also convicted of assault with intent to commit serious injury.

Police say the victims, Stephanie Clark, Jeremy Coleman, and Jerrel Elman drove to Des Moines from The Quad Cities area in March of 2022 and were shot while trying to retrieve stolen money and property, from Robert Lyons house on 11th Street in Des Moines. Clark and Coleman were struck by gunfire and had serious injuries.

Attempted murder carries a 25-year sentence, with a mandatory minimum of 17.5 years in prison. The defendants are scheduled to be sentenced April 5. 

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