Canada Goose Moves Into Iowa Eagle Nest

(Decorah, IA) -- It's eagle egg-laying season in Iowa. The Raptor Resource Project has it's web cams focused on eagle nests. The hatching is expected at the end of March or early April. One nest that had been use by eagles in the past has been taken over by a pair of Canada Geese, for the second year in a row. Wildlife staffers have set up a goose cam.

Last year it was March 25th before a goose egg was spotted. Staffers say the geese have been getting the nest ready, scraping out a depression in the soft substrate.

Amy Reis of the Raptor Resource Project says eagle hatching spend around 80-days in the nest, growing rapidly before fledge.

The Raptor Resource Project dates back to 1988 and has gained global interest for its webcams.

The organization is hosting its First Egg Fundraiser, March 2nd. Chat one will happen from 9-11 am, Chat two will happen from 2-4 pm, and our final chat will start at 6pm. Donation link:

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