Appeals Court Rules In Favor Of Iowa's COVID Mask Mandate Prohibition

Scales of Justice

Photo: Bill Oxford / E+ / Getty Images

(Undated) -- An appeals court has sided with the state of Iowa, over a COVID mask mandate issue. Arc of Iowa sued after the state prohibited school mask mandates. The U.S. 8th Circuit says the plaintiffs failed to show they suffered an injury by the policy. Arc of Iowa is a disability rights group, that argued the policy discriminated against students with disabilities who are at higher risk for COVID-19.

Governor Reynolds issued a statement after the opinion was released:

“While children were the least vulnerable, they paid the highest price for COVID lockdowns and mandates, but Iowa was a different story. Iowa was the first state to get students back in the classroom and we prohibited mask mandates in schools, trusting parents to decide what was best for their children. Elected leaders should always trust the people they serve, and I promise I would do it again.” 

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