Ankeny, Iowa Police seek bank fraud suspect

Police have identified a second suspect in a recent local bank fraud case.  Police are looking for 26-year-old Leann Greene.  Police believe she was in a vehicle driven by Marie Swier.   Swier and another woman, Christine Godwin, were arrested by Ankeny Police last week, and are facing felony forgery and Identify theft.

Greene's facing multiple charges, anyone who knows where she is, is asked contact police.

POLK COUNTY, Iowa-  There was a quick turnaround for a local bank fraud case this week.  Clive Police were called Monday on a report of a woman forging a stolen check, and getting away with $1,000 dollars. 

Her description was shared on a Bank-Fraud Investigators Network, and 23-year-old Marie Swier of South Dakota was arrested later in Ankeny.   

Police say Swier and another woman were attempting a bank fraud when officers arrived.    Police are giving credit to the tellers at the Ankeny bank for recognizing the suspects.  

Clive Police say the checks were stolen from a vehicle parked at Gray's Lake in Des Moines


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