Door-to-door solicitors reported in Des Moines suburbs

UPDATE:   A spokesperson for the City of Johnston tells WHO Radio News, residents of other Des Moines suburbs have reported encounters with members of Warrior Box Marketing, suggesting the organization has expanded its coverage area to other Des Moines suburbs, seeking donations.   

Law enforcement authorities tell us these people may or may not have proper city permits to go door-to-door.  Authorities also tell WHO Radio News, there are concerns about the group's tactics and fundraising policies.

**********original story**********

JOHNSTON, Iowa-   The Johnston Police Department is warning residents about a group potentially in our area that has been identified recently in Bettendorf and North Liberty, Iowa. 

The group is associated with Warrior Box Marketing, and claims to be taking donations for soldiers. 

Police say it's a scam.  Any group looking to solicit funds in the City of Johnston is required to get a permit.

If a solicitor rings your doorbell and asks for funds, please remember the following options:

- You do not have to answer the door if you are not aware of anyone stopping by your home. If they attempt to enter your residence, call the Johnston Police immediately.

- If you answer the door, ask to see their City of Johnston solicitors permit (another city permit is not valid for Johnston

 - they must have one specifically for Johnston).

 - Call the Johnston Police if they do not have a permit, so they can be properly advised of the appropriate actions for our community.

- DO NOT attempt to get into a physical confrontation with them.


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