Marshalltown, Iowa officials: No carbon monoxide death afterall

UPDATE:   The Marshalltown Fire Department has issued a correction to an earlier statement regarding a carbon monoxide case at a church Sunday, that sickened multiple people.  Officials now say there were no deaths related to the incident at 305 E. South Street.


(Marshalltown, Iowa)   One person has died after a carbon monoxide poisoning case at a Marshalltown church Sunday that initially sickened 15 people.

Emergency crews were called to 305 E. South Street Sunday afternoon on a report of several people who reported symptoms of being dizzy, feeling nausea, and showing other symptoms consistent with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Readings taken by the Marshalltown Fire Department indicated a high concentration carbon monoxide at extremely dangerous levels, at 1400 parts per million inside the church. 

Seven of the 15 people who were sickened had to be transferred by air ambulance to other hospitals in Des Moines and Iowa City for treatment. 

The source of the carbon monoxide was determined to be a large gasoline generator operating in the basement.  Fire officials say the generator has been running to provide light and heat in the building.

Officials say there was not electricity or gas service hooked up to the church at the time of the incident.

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