Instagram Star Kelsey Wells Looks Unrecognizable After Losing Just 3 Pounds

Often times before-and-after photos show dramatic changes because of a huge drop in weight, and while Instagram celebrity Kelsey Wells' recent before-and-after pics illustrate her incredible transformation, it's after she lost just three pounds. The fitness influencer, who has 2.5 million followers on IG, proved to them all that weight is just a number and the most important thing is exercise.

Wells posted a photo of herself in a black bikini from six years ago when she was 24 and weighed 145 pounds. Next to it, she shared a shot of herself in a black bikini now, at age 30 and just three pounds less, at 142, but the difference is astounding. Wells looks great in the first pic, totally healthy at 5 feet, 6.5 inches with a normal BMI of 23.1, but in the second photo she is fully toned and sporting a solid six-pack.

She captioned the pics:

"I understand more than you may think. I know how difficult it is to get active when you have a sedentary lifestyle and view exercise as the ultimate chore. I understand the struggle that comes when you drink more soda than water, eat more fast food than veggies, and view ‘healthy eating’ as extreme restriction or fad diets. I understand how it feels to repeatedly resolve to start, only to ‘quit’ less than a week later. I understand the stress of feeling there is too far to go, when a healthier lifestyle seems an insurmountable feat. Those things are hard. But, she noted, working out doesn’t have to be punishing — nor does it need to be about a number on the scale. The ultimate goal of getting fit should be ditching a negative view of your body and a toxic way of thinking. The only difference that matters between these photos is not visual, it is SELF-LOVE,” she wrote. “My body was beautiful then. But I was UNHEALTHY mentally, emotionally, and physically and therefore I failed to see that. Utilizing fitness as my primary tool for self-empowerment resulted in simultaneous physical and mental transformations, but let me be clear— MY HEALTH, HAPPINESS, CONFIDENCE, AND SELF-LOVE are not predicated upon aesthetics. That is not how it works. You are brave. You are strong. You are powerful. Do you know that? Uncovering and discovering this truth for yourself and IN yourself — self-empowerment— is what fitness is for. It is about caring for our HEALTH. Mental, emotional, and physical. #screwthescale"

So how did she do it? Kelsey created a 12-week training program called PWR that helps build lean muscle by increasing weekly resistance training and decreasing cardio. It seems to work for her and her followers, whose before-and-after photos she also shares on her Instagram page. Check them out here.

Photo: Instagram/KelseyWells