nIn 1995 Thor Schrock won his first computer in a high school writing contest. The IBM Aptiva running Windows 3.1 was amazing, but as he went on to college and Windows 95 was released, the computer started to show its age.

Computer upgrades were really expensive so Thor decided to upgrade his own PC. These were the days before the Internet, so upgrading a computer without having a clue on how they worked was a little more daunting than it is today.

Admittedly, buying used computers from the newspaper classifieds and combining their components might not have been the best plan, but that’s what he did.

When the problems inevitably arose he called every computer repair shop in town for help with very simple situations. He was floored to find that a single button press could solve his problem, but to get that information he would have to come into the shop and buy an hour of labor.

Thor had an entrepreneurial background and the makings of an idea began to form. What if he could create a company that focused on solving people’s computer problems without making them feel taken advantage of, put down, or belittled in the process?

With little experience, no formal training, and very little capital Schrock Innovations was born. As the word spread of Schrock’s unique customer service approach, business grew and Thor was able to hire employees with more experience. 

Thor focused on training the technicians how to help regular people, while he soaked up every bit of knowledge he could from them.

All these years later Schrock Innovations has three locations, a full e-commerce web presence, the most talented computer repair technicians in the area, and a support staff of amazing people all focused on one goal – Making technology work for our customers. It’s what we do and we love it.