Hollywood Actor and Best-Selling Author Swing By!

We had not one, but two big-named superstars stop by the studio today and it's safe to say we were more than a little starstruck. Why would Thomas Ian Nicholas, a musician and famous actor be collaborating with Lani Sarem a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author?

Thomas Ian Nichols and Lani Sarem

It turns out Nicholas, known for his star role in Rookie of the Year, celebrating it's 25th anniversary, American Pie and Walt Before Mickey and Sarem a new best-selling author are bringing her successful book series to the big screen! That's a big deal!

The series Handbook for Mortals has been called the next big book series since Twilight and it's set to start filming this year! This movie will have the same name as the book. Nicholas, outside of his acting career and music career will be helping Sarem bring this movie to life. 

What an exciting moment to meet these folks in the early stages. We even got signed books!

Listen to the interview with Thomas Ian Nicholas

Listen to the interview with Lani Sarem

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