CALIFORNIA CHAOS: San Francisco Eyes ‘DORMS FOR GROWN-UPS’ as Housing Dries Up

CALIFORNIA CHAOS: San Francisco Eyes ‘DORMS FOR GROWN-UPS’ as Housing Dries Up

Residents in San Francisco are seeking “alternative solutions” for a total lack of affordable housing as the city continues to struggle with illegal immigration, homelessness, and crime; with some Bay Area locals eyeing “dormitories for grown-ups” as the only option left.

The New York Times published the bizarre story this week, titled “Dorm Living for Professionals Comes to San Francisco,” describing the recent housing crisis that has middle-income residents living in apartments with no kitchens, bathrooms, or living rooms.

“Shared bathrooms at the end of the hall and having no individual kitchen or living room is becoming less weird for some of the city’s workers thanks to Starcity, a new development company that is expressly creating dorms for many of the non-tech population,” writes the Times.

“Everybody told me housing in San Francisco was really expensive, but I was like, ‘I live in New York, how much more expensive can it be?’” said one dorm-dweller. “I was a bit cocky.”

The housing crunch comes as the state of California comes to terms with decades of liberal policies and years of ‘Sanctuary’ laws that have exploded the region’s homeless population and crime rates; forcing wealthy residents out of the cities and into the suburbs.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions addressed law enforcement officials in Sacramento on Wednesday, frankly stating “California, we have a problem.”

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