Checking your phone within 15 minutes of waking affects structure of brain!

According to IDC Research, 80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up.  Science says that's having a detrimental effect on our productivity, health and our brains!

Chelsea Pottenger explains that when we first wake up, we change from delta brainwaves to theta brainwaves.  This process is important for being more emotionally intelligent and good problem solving skills.  However, if you wake up and immediately pick up your phone and start scrolling, you skip that vital theta brainwave and go right into a beta brainwave of high stress.  That's impacting the physical structure of your brain and your ability to perform.  It also affects your physical health and wellbeing.  

So make sure after you wake up, that you take time to let your brain do it's thing.  You have plenty of time the rest of the day for all that screen time!

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