Iowa State Patrol say chase ran from Norwalk to Winterset - Google Maps

The driver of a blue Kia with Kentucky license plates was arrested early Thursday morning, accused of leading Norwalk, Iowa police on a 120 mile an hour chase.

He got away, until police say he stopped for directions, and then ran out of gas.

"The suspect actually approached a residence to ask for directions on how to back to Des Moines."  Iowa State Patrol Trooper Alex Dinkla tells WHO Radio News.

"They then attempted to go north of Winterset on Highway 169, where the suspect ran out of gas."  He says.

That's where law enforcement officers found him.

"Yeah, he was just sitting on the side of the road where he ran out of gas."  Dinkla says. "He was arrested and transported to the Madison County Sheriff's office where he was charged."