Des Moines, Iowa)    A new Iowa law, cannot be used as a defense in a Des Moines murder case.

Lawyers for Sera Alexander filed documents in July stating they intended to pursue a defense based on the "Stand Your Ground" law, which was signed by Governor Terry Branstad April 13th of this year.  The law went into effect July 1st.  

 Alexander's defense team said the law should retroactively apply to her case.   The state opposed the decision, saying the law did not apply.   

District Court Judge Robert Blink today (Tuesday) ruled on the adjudication of law points.

Alexander admitted shooting her stepfather, 49-year old Anthony Hartmann May 8th, 2017, when he came to the family's home to get some of his belongings.  

Alexander's mother, Susan Hartmann says her daughter did not know at the time of the shooting, that a restraining order against Anthony had recently expired.