Van and Bonnie in the Morning

This kindergartner had an assignment to do a weather...
Van, Bonnie & Jeff start Political Brawl Bracket...who would whoop who?
Bishop Richard Pates says good-bye to Iowa on Van and Bonnie..
He's never getting married! He doesn't want the spit! FUNNY VIDEO!
Chewbacca Doctor lets child know they have his new heart! ...
Meet Shari Bral, another $1,000 winner!
Is Facebook use going down in Iowa?
NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament in Des Moines 2019 - ticket info
Pres. Trump can whoop Senator Biden - Van thinks he can take...
Praying for a win - 98 Year-Old Sister Jean of Loyola-Chicago!
How does one get a bull into a car? Check out this video!!!
Where and when you can see the Pony Express!


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