Van and Bonnie in the Morning

Van & Bonnie at Gold Star Museum, Camp Dodge, Memorial Day!
Van and Bonnie at Gold Star Museum Memorial Day INFO MAP
Cat hangs onto a van going 60 mph! Check out the video!
The greatest spectacle in tortoise racing!
Walk With Van,June 1st - Includes a trip to the top of the...
Announcement of the $150.00 Candy Winner & the Winning Candy!
Van & Bonnie have Jeff Angelo try the new Grenades Super-Uber...
Jockey Mike Smith Talks Triple Crown with Emery Songer and...
CelebrAsian comes to Des Moines Friday and Saturday!
Des Moines Roosters Australian Football - Watch or Play???
So Emery Songer, can your greyhounds do this????
Waukee Police Chief John Quinn joins Van & Bonnie in the studio!


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