Van and Bonnie in the Morning

Why did the woman have a pigeon in her fanny pack?
New Des Moines Symphony Season - The Maestro talks with Van & Bonnie
New IOS update lets you measure - People are measuring their cats!
Guy thinks he's funny, but the sheep gets the last laugh! ...
Iowan Actor & Writer Nick Nolte comes to Des Moines!
Van has a surprise for Bonnie!!!
Professor finds gas can leak through your mouth if you hold it in!
Social Media Sends Tributes to Celia Barquin Arozamena
If you missed the Emmy's list night, you missed this very...
Pampers too masculine, to electric football? How did that happen?
Why is Van Coloring His Hair Purple? And you can watch!
Now this proposal was a little over the top! Watch the fear in...


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