The winner of this year's "Beautiful Bulldog" contest at Drake University hails from Waukee. 

Lucey, owned by Tiffany Torstenson will reign over this week's Drake Relays.

The 35th annual "Beautiful Bulldog" contest attracted nearly fifty slobbering, panting contestants to the Knapp Center in Des Moines today (Monday).

Seven year old Evan Flynn of Altoona brought his dog "Thor," who likes short walks, is a good listener and enjoys playing "tug of war."

Meribeth Haynes of Urbandale entered "Guster," into the competition.

Guster was adopted from a pet rescue organization. 

Haynes says he  enjoys chasing a plastic ball.

Sarah Mapes of Des Moines brought "Dyson," a former show-dog, who now prefers a more relaxed lifestyle. 

The main Drake Relays Track and Field events begin Wednesday and continue thru Sunday.