Half of the Iowa Legislature is done for the year.

Lawmakers in the house adjourned a little before 6:00 AM Thursday after a marathon session that started Wednesday morning.

After many stops and starts the house approved on a vote of 75-20 a measure to allow oil from marijuana to be used in medical treatments for people with epilepsy.  Mothers of children with the affliction are credited with changing the minds of a number of lawmakers who initially opposed the idea.

The bill was passed at about 4:30 Thursday morning.  It will require a neurologist to provide a written recommendation for use of the oil before it can be obtained.

Besides budget bills, the legislature Thursday morning also gave final approval to a measure that reduces the penalties for people who unknowingly transmit the HIV virus to another person with no intent of infecting them

But the Iowa Senate is not done.  It is still wrangling over the issue of whether to grant subpoena power to the government oversight committee. 

Democratic Majority Leader Michael Gronstal of Council Bluffs issued a statement Thursday morning making the argument for subpoena power.

The senate is scheduled to resume its work on Friday morning at 8:00. 

Governor Terry Branstad issued a statement on the conclusion of the legislative session praising the approval of the Home Base Iowa Initiative but expressing disappointing that anti bullying legislation failed to clear the state senate.