A state lawmaker from northeast Iowa  Wednesday called for the resignation of Iowa Workforce Development Director Teresa Wahlert.

Democrat William Dotzler of Waterloo told a statehouse news conference that Wahlert has engaged in inappropriate behaviour by trying to influence decisions made by administrative law judges who hear appeals from Iowans involving unemployment benefits.

Dotzler argued Wahlert presseured the judges into ruling in favor of employers instead of workers.  He claims that was done by firing the chief administrative law judge and placing herself in direct supervision of the rest of them

The senator told reporters several of those judges now fear for their jobs.   you can see the news conference and review documents Dotzler says support his arguement at   http://www.senate.iowa.gov/democrats/?p=18716

Kerry Kounce of Iowa Workforce Development says the accusations don't make any sense because Wahlert is not directly involved in the appeals process and only learns of the decisions by the judges after they have been made.

Kounce says the U.S. Department of Labor sent representatives to Des Moines last week for a review of the programand gave it positive reviews.  She adds had they found any problems she is certain inspectors would have noted them in their report.