Show me the money

That's the name of a field day outside of Guthrie Center today.  Dave Schwartz from Verdesian is one of the hosts and explains what all there is to see.  

Dave 1

Dave adds that producing high yielding crops requires more of a chess game mentality rather than checkers.

In our quest to find out what is needed to produce very high yields in corn, soybeans and other crops, we have learned there are no silver bullets. It takes a systems approach. In the past season or two I have mentioned the research farm west of Guthrie Center. The corn stayed green and healthy in 2016 until it froze in mid October. In the past the farm’s close proximity to several creeks and lots of trees made it a disease haven. The corn normally was brown by Sept 1 and yields averaged 175 Bu/A. By making changes in cropping inputs, the use of N and P stabilizers to maintain season long nutrient availability, signaling compounds (Take Off), and then BioEmpruv on the corn to fight the New Goss’s Wilt and keep the corn green and healthy until mid October, the farm produced yields in the 280 to 340 Bu/A range with perfect standability when harvested Oct 23. On Sept 18th the corn was still a dark green color and looked spectacular, even though it only had one measurable rain during the summer.

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