America’s Digital Goddess®, Kim Komando is one of America’s most successful radio hosts and web entrepreneurs.

The Kim Komando Show, Komando’s three-hour call-in talk-radio show, airs weekly to 420-plus stations and an estimated 6.5 million listeners. Her Daily Tech Update reports are heard around the world, and her website,, along with her newsletters, e-books and syndicated USA Today column, reach millions. The Kim Komando Television Show also airs as a one-hour broadcast every Saturday on the Bloomberg Television Network.

Komando started her journey by selling Unisys mainframes to corporate clients. In 1992, she realized consumers needed help with the looming digital world, so she left her job to write and broadcast on digital issues. Kim began her radio career with a late-night call-in show about computers on Phoenix’s 550 KFYI-AM, “The Valley’s Talk Station.”

Today, The Kim Komando Show is the largest weekend radio show in the country. Komando is also a star in the talk-radio community. She received the Gracie Award for Outstanding Program Host in 2007, and she was named Talker‘s “Woman of the Year” in 2009. Additionally, she was a speaker at Fortune‘s 2009 Most Powerful Woman Summit and was even the answer to a question in Trivial Pursuit.

Komando and her husband, Phoenix radio personality Barry Young, built their first studio in 1994, and they now operate WestStar MultiMedia Entertainment, Inc., from a 24,000-square-foot multimedia broadcast production and soundstage facility in central Phoenix.

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