New Iowa low temp record set, more may be ahead

DES MOINES, Iowa - Setting a new record isn't always a gold medal moment.  Just ask Mason City, Iowa this morning.

"In Mason City we did end up breaking the record of 9 degrees set in 1995."  National Weather Service Meteorologist Brooke Hagenhoff tells WHO Radio News.  "This morning they dropped down to 8 degrees."  She said.

Des Moines came close, reaching 14 for the overnight low.  The record was 13 degrees set in 1899.  

Ames, Cedar Rapids, and Davenport were several degrees above their record lows.

 If you really had your heart set on a new low temperature record, you'll get another chance this weekend.

"Yeah, we are looking at another round of pretty cold temperatures Friday and Saturday."  Hagenhoff said. "So, another chance for possibly breaking records later this week."

She says we could see some 60s in about a week and a half.  Not this weekend, but the next.  

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