Mild mannered Des Moines pizza hero - why he helped police

Mitchell Salyers, Des Moines Pizza delivery driver. Photo Wendy Wilde

DES MOINES, Iowa - Most superheroes start out as mild mannered nice guys who jump into action when the situation demands it.  Like Mitchell Salyers.   

He's the Domino's Pizza delivery driver who called 911 Sunday night to report a pedestrian was hit by a car that ran a red light.  Then Salyers helped police track the hit and run driver.

Salyers followed the silver Mercedes and reported to 911 as the driver wound through downtown streets, hitting the curb twice before police caught up and arrested the driver. 

We asked Salyers why he went so far to help police catch the suspect.

Des Moines Police say the driver accused of hit and run and OWI had a blood alcohol of .184, more than double the legal limit.  

Salyers says the woman was with three other pedestrians who he saw run to her immediate aid, and he called to report the hit and run. The woman was taken to the hospital, her condition has not been released.

Des Moines pizza delivery guy saves the day - Thumbnail Image

Des Moines pizza delivery guy saves the day

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