VP Pence Defends Tariffs In Cedar Rapids While Senate Rebukes Them

Two contrasting stories this week.  WHO Radio News reports that Vice President Mike Pence visited Cedar Rapids to make a pitch for tariffs.  Much like comments that VP Pence made a few weeks back on my show -  that other countries have been mistreating the US for some years now and the President's toughness will result in a level playing field for US goods and services.

Meanwhile, US Senators voted in favor of a non-binding resolution calling on President Trump to get congressional approval before using national security as a reason for imposing tariffs on other nations like he did with the steel and aluminum tariffs on Mexico and Canada. "Let's be clear, this is a rebuke of the President's abuse of trade authority," said Sen. Jeff Flake.

How do voters view this?  I believe it depends on where you stand.

Soybean prices have slid to a 10-year low.  Farmers, who have been suffering from low commodity prices for years, are being forced to endure even lower prices.

Despite the fact that the overall economic news is good, Democrats hope that this gives them an opening to connect with rural areas that voted for President Trump in the last election.

If you are in a non-farm business, you think that the economy is looking good and are glad that the President is fighting for his "America First" agenda.

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