You Can Now Get A Masters In Marijuana

Medical marijuana remains a controversial topic in Iowa. I'd like to see it available in a much more expansive fashion, but the Governor has vetoed the latest bill that would have expanded our program. My conversation with her about the veto on WHO Radio made statewide headlines after she got emotional in admitting to me (we have been friends for a long time) that her own experience with alcohol addiction does give her reservations about bills advocating expansion.

Nevertheless, medical marijuana is here to stay - and here's the proof.

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy has launched the nation’s first master’s program to train students about the science and policies of medical marijuana. While most of the classes are online, the two-year program is designed for health care practitioners, scientists, regulators, dispensary owners, and industry professionals.

The university said in a news release that students who complete the program will be better equipped to contribute to research and policy decisions related to cannabis. Classes begin August 26th.

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