10G Smart Home Unveiled in Ames

AMES, Iowa - There's now a 10G house in Iowa.

Cable TV and internet provider Media-com introduced the home in Ames that delivers speeds of 10 gigabits per second.

The 10G home can operate more than 70 internet devices at the same time, and play 3-D video images.

The house is billed as the first U.S. field trial of the cable industry’s10G platform.

Mediacom partnered with a group of industry and tech conpanies to introduce the home.

“Mediacom worked with CommScope and other leading tech companies to move 10G from a laboratory concept to real world consumer experience,” said Mediacom CTO, JR Walden.

“Similar to our rapid deployment of 1-Gig across our national network in 2017, the beauty of 10G is that it’s extremely scalable within our existing network infrastructure. This means the compelling demos we showcased today in Ames will be part of the near future for Mediacom customers.”

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