Derecho spawned four tornadoes in Iowa

(Johnston, IA) -- The National Weather Service near Des Moines says there were four tornadoes wrapped up in the August 10th derecho that impacted a large part of Iowa.

Tornadoes were detected on satellite imagery in Marshall and Tama counties.

Officials with the NWS say there was one tornado detected five miles ESE of Gladbrook in Tama County, around Noon. There was no damage reported in that area. A tornado was detected two miles SSE of Albion in Marshall County at 11:39 a.m. which caused damage to trees and crops, and minor damage to structures. The NWS says there was a second, brief tornado four miles NNW of Albion at 11:36 a.m. which did not cause significant damage. There was also a tornado four miles ENE of Melbourne in Marshall County at 11:30 that day, there was no significant damage reported from that twister.

(Photo from National Weather Service-Des Moines)

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