Iowa sees rain chances through the weekend

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Much of Iowa is seeing something it hasn't in awhile--days in a row with chances of rain.

"Slowly spreading from west to east overnight Wednesday and on Thursday. Mostly showers, but with some storms in there," says National Weather Service Meteorologist Jim Lee.

He says the rain will be scattered across the state through the weekend.

"The best and most widespread chances will probably be Thursday afternoon into Thursday night, then again late Friday into Friday night," Lee says.

Lee says how much rain you see depends on where you are.

"It's hard to say how much will fall because it will be highly variable across the state. Some places will only get a little bit, while a few lucky locations could get over an inch," Lee says

He says while this rain system won't be a "drought-buster," any rain is will be welcomed in the midst of a year-long dry spell.

Lee says while there could be some heavy rain and small hail in some of the storms, the risk for severe weather is pretty low.

Image from National Weather Service--Johnston, IA.

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