UNO sees enrollment increase this semester

Photo: Getty Images

(Omaha, NE) -- The University of Nebraska-Omaha is seeing enrollment increases this year, after universities across the nation saw nearly 600,000 fewer students last year.

Nebraska is one of five states in the country that saw an enrollment increase during pandemic, according to Dr. Sacha Kopp at UNO.

“UNO really led the way last year even within the state. We are back to pre-pandemic levels but actually, our enrollment is very strong,” said Dr. Kopp, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

He tells 6 News the university's enrollment has returned to pre-pandemic levels and strengthening.

“It’s a big area of growth in higher ed. I don’t want to say the volatility but the new opportunities in today’s employment market, I think folks are looking for what’s next for them and that’s a big thing that we are seeing as part of our enrollment,” said Dr. Kopp.

UNO expects enrollment to continue to increase as Omaha businesses are paying employees to pursue higher education.

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