Fan Drive Delivers As Heat Returns

Just in time for more hot Summer temperatures, "Westlake ACE Hardware" and it's customers recently hosted a fan drive to benefit The Salvation Army, and the organization reports the donations were enough to buy about 400 new boxed fans to help those in need.

Those fans, just off a corporate delivery truck at the 84th and West Center Westlake ACE store, are being delivered to The Salvation Army for distribution.

The donated fans are going to The Salvation Army "Burrows Center for Help & Hope" at 61st and Northwest Radial Hwy. in Omaha, where they will be distributed to those needing them this Summer.

The "Salvation Army Summer Fan Program" continues through September 3rd.

People in need of a box fan can call the Burrows Center at 402-898-5860.

(Picture from Getty Images)

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