West Des Moines: Possible enticement case a mistake

UPDATE:    The West Des Moines Police Department, in cooperation with the West Des Moines Community School District and the help from a multitude of people in the general public have resolved the attempted child enticement case in the 3400 block of Ashworth Road. 

After speaking with all parties involved it was found that there was no malice or criminal intent involved in the incident and it was a simple mistake. This incident should be considered closed and no further investigation is needed.

(West Des Moines, Iowa)  West Des Moines Police are investigating the second child enticement attempt in recent days.   

The latest report happened yesterday (Sunday) afternoon around 2 o'clock, in the 34-hundred block of Ashworth Road, in a residential driveway.

Police say the report involved a gray or brown passenger car, similar to a Sonata or Sentra, with Illinois license plates.   Police say the vehicle pulled into a driveway and stopped.

The driver was  described as a dark-complected thin male with short black hair. This male appeared to gesture to a child to come towards the vehicle, but left when approached by the child’s parent. 

The vehicle left eastbound on Ashworth Road.

This is the second possible enticement incident in West Des Moines in the past week. It is unknown at this time if they are related.

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