West Des Moines report purse snatching UPDATE

UPDATE:  West Des Moines Police are announcing a preliminary identification of both suspects in a purse theft/stolen credit card case.  Police are thanking the public for their assistance.

**********original story***************

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa-  Police are looking for two people, they believe swiped a purse in West Des Moines and went on a five-thousand dollar, credit card spending spree.    

The purse disappeared Monday, during the West Des Moines Senior Center's rummage sale.   Police say the elderly victim put the purse on a table, while she tried on a coat,  then noticed it was gone. 

Police says the suspects used the woman's credit cards to buy beer, cigarettes, gas, junk food, phones, jewelry,  and electronics.  

The suspects are believed to be  driving a silver Pontiac Grand Am with damage.

Anyone with tips in the case is asked to contact West Des Moines Police at 515-222-33-16.


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