WHO Radio is live from the State Fair during the length of the fair -  and the big news on opening day was the big reveal of three new possible Iowa license plates.

There's the “city country reboot,” which  includes the Des Moines skyline on one side and a windmill and farm on the other.

There is also “flying our colors,” a plate design modeled after Iowa’s flag with navy and red and a bald eagle in the middle.

Finally, the “great wide open”  includes a blue stripe along with rolling hills and shrubbery.

Take a look at all three AND vote right here.  (Be sure to play The Beatles song above as a soundtrack).

Iowans can also vote for their favorite design at the Department Of Transportation booth in the Varied Industries Building on the fairgrounds.  Voting will be open Aug. 10-20.

The Iowa DOT plans to choose one design later this year and start rolling it out on plates in 2018.

Drivers would get new plates in phases over 10 years, but people who can't wait to get the new design can pay $5 extra when they renew their vehicle registration. 

The DOT also reports that there will NO changes to the specialty plates already available.