Need to Know with Jeff Angelo

Need to Know with Jeff Angelo

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No, People Don't Die Of "Old Age"

Can We Really "Phase Out" Coal?

Ryan Schmelz reports on a US commitment to phase out coal; Dr. Michael Greger shares secrets to hold off aging; Jared Halpern describes the White House reaction to Muslim opposition; Tonya J Powers reveals words of the year.

Why Americans Keep Spending Despite Their Economic Fears

Jeff asks Jaqueline Matoza why Americans keep spending despite the fact that they think the economy is bad; Terri Hasdorff reacts to Muslim leaders withdrawing their support for President Biden; Melissa Merrifield and PGA Pro Mark Egly talk about the fight against a disease considered "rare"..but is it???

TikTok Bans Raise Constitutional Questions

Erin Real tackles the Constitutional questions raised by attempts to ban TikTok; Tonya J Powers looks at holiday shopping projections; Jonathan Savage reports as the fighting intensifies again in Gaza; Rory O'Neill details how subscriptions drain bank accounts.

Iowa House Republicans Vote To Expel George Santos

Raven Harrison reacts to Iowa House Republicans voting to expel George Santos; Valerie Sokolovsky discusses tipping service workers out of shame; Dr. Andre Martin responds to a survey in which employees say they weren't prepared for the workforce; Sports Diva Margaret comments on the college football playoff controversy; Eric Peterson says Christmas songs contain good financial lessons.

Are You Being Shamed Into Tipping?

DoorDash is testing a new feature in their app which is meant to shame people into tipping their delivery drivers. Jeff talks to etiquette expert Valerie Sokolovsky about the new culture of tipping and seeks her advice.

Santos Expelled - What's Next?

Jeff discusses the expulsion of Rep. George Santos and what happens next plus examines a second lawsuit over sexual explicit books in Iowa schools; Jessica Rosenthal provides a recap of the Newsom/DeSantis debate; Julie Kraft previews weekend holiday events in Eastern Iowa.

Senator Grassley: We Don't Know How That Iran Money Is Being Used

Senator Charles Grassley talks terrorism, border security, and that scary moment when Senator Joni Ernst choked at lunch; John Pudner and the listeners discuss the Newsom/DeSantis debate; John Frodsham responds to a survey indicating 70% of workers lie on their resume; Alex Wilson provides a Central Iowa holiday event preview.

Holiday Weekend: Trees, Santa, & Lights!

Julie Kraft provides a preview of weekend holiday events in Eastern Iowa brought to you by Mr. Electric Of Central Iowa.

It's Time To (Holiday) Promenade!

Alex Wilson joins Jeff for a preview of a bevy of Central Iowa holiday weekend events brought to you by Mr. Electric Of Central Iowa.