Need to Know with Jeff Angelo

Need to Know with Jeff Angelo

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Jeff Angelo - Used car prices remain high in Iowa and the price of ketchup spikes.

Jeff Angelo - The great Ruthie beer controversy.

A big week for Presidential candidates in Iowa. Axios Des Moines reporter Linh Ta - immigrants from Asia are one of Iowa's fastest-growing populations. Dr. Dean Beckloff - TikTok feeds our teens a "diet of darkness"

Linda Schroder, Plymouth County pig farmer and member of the Iowa Pork Producers Association Board of Directors - grilling and pork.

Memorial Day Special Live. Christine Callendar - nurse burnout is causing a health care crisis. Mel Pins, Iowa cemetery restoration volunteer - tips on cleaning and restoring headstones. Stephen Patterson - 4 in 10 Americans don't have emergency funds.

Jeff Angelo: Tips On Cleaning And Restoring Headstones

Iowa cemetery restoration volunteer Mel Pins joins Jeff for a special Memorial Day interview on the do's and don'ts of cleaning and restoring headstones. Mel tells Jeff there's a way to bring a monument back to life...or reduce it to "powered sugar."

Jeff Angelo: Incorporate Pork In Your Grilling Plan This Summer

Plymouth County pig farmer Linda Schroder joins Jeff for a fun conversation about incorporating pork into your grilling plan this summer. It's a conversation that will enlighten you about the current pork industry...and make you very hungry.

Jeff Angelo: Our Weird Economy

Americans keep spending even while reporting that they don't have the money in their bank accounts to handle an emergency. Jeff asks Stephen Patterson to explain the state of the current economy...and Stephen predicts this is going to end badly.

Jeff Angelo: A Crisis Among Our Nurses

Not only are nurses quitting after feeling burned out, but they are encouraging their peers NOT to go into nursing. Christine Callendar joins Jeff to discuss what is happening and offer solutions.

Jeff Angelo: The Current Job Market For College Graduates

If you're like Jeff, you've attended some graduations in the past month. The question is: what's the current job market for new college graduates? Providing the answer: David Cathey, a partner with Unity Search Group, one of the top recruiting companies in the country.

Jeff Angelo: Women Report Less Job Satisfaction Than Men

Job satisfaction in the US is at a 36-year high, yet women report less job satisfaction than men. Janee Hill joins Jeff to talk about the reasons for the difference. Janee is a supermom, motivational speaker, author and host of the TV show Unbroken. She's passionate about teaching people how to make self-care a priority.

Jeff Angelo: What IS A Life Worth Living?

Yale theologian Ryan Linz-McAnnally says we're facing a crisis of meaning. He joins Jeff to discuss the book he co-authored titled, "Life Worth Living - A Guide To What Matters Most" inspired by the popular Yale course of the same name.