"Old Wives Tales" Still Dominate Our Health Discussions

If we had to go to the doctor for every pain, cold or ache we have we’d never have time to do anything else, which is why plenty of people will treat their ailments on their own, with many resorting home remedies to make us feel better. 

According to a new poll, 64% have tried a home remedy for an ailment, while 51% of people say they still believe at least one old wives' tale when it comes to their health. So, what old wives' tales are people the most likely to still be believe?

Well, the survey finds…

  • 45% believe sleeping with wet hair will result in a cold
  • 41% believe eating chocolate causes acne
  • 42% believe cracking knuckles causes arthritis
  • 53% believe carrots improves eyesight
  • 45% believe spices clear sinuses
  • 41% believe chocolate is an aphrodisiac
  • 39% think coffee will stunt growth
  • 49% think an apple a day will keep the doctor away
  • 40% think eating turkey makes you tired

When it comes to our health, the survey finds the average American feels “perfectly healthy” less than half of the year, and it seems plenty of folks would be willing to do a lot in order for that to change. As for what people would be willing to do for a year of perfect health, the poll finds they’d:

  • Eat peanut butter and jelly for every meal (35%)
  • Watch no reality TV (30%) 
  • Have a fog horn as your morning alarm (30%)
  • Walk exclusively backwards (29%)
  • Listen to only pop music (28%)
  • No social media (27%)
  • Break up with your partner (27%)
  • Give up your car (27%)
  • Watch no sporting events (26%)

Source:SWNS Digital