CDC tells us not to kiss or snuggle chickens. Is this a problem for anyone?

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Last week the CDC told us not to wash chicken before cooking... I have to admit that I ignore this advice! If you are careful, nothing sprays on anything other than the chicken you are washing, but obviously you should listen to the Government before me on this health matter!

Now however, the very same Government entity is telling us to stop 'kissing and snuggling' our chickens - presumably the live ones! :-)

Apparently the kissing and snuggling has led to some 52 cases of salmonella across 21 States in the last few months and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has linked a widespread outbreak of this nasty thing to contact with “backyard poultry.”

Ohio, Missouri and Pennsylvania lead the way, but victims have included young kids, the CDC said.

Is this a problem for anyone? The kissing and the snuggling thing?

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