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Simon Conway

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Rep. Zach Nunn: Stopping Puppy Mills in Iowa.

Governor Kim Reynolds: Going over the important issues in Iowa.

Hour Two. Greg Spenner: Does Iowa have a Electrician Shortage?

Simon Conway: Discussing many issues, Property taxes, Eminent domain and Marijuana.

Hour one. Rebecca Kopelman: Severe Weather Awareness Week in Iowa.

Simon Conway: Final Four Here We Come! - Iowa Women’s Basketball Going to Dallas.

Hour Three. Matt Bennett is founder and CEO of Christian Union, a Christian leadership development organization with the mission to bring sweeping spiritual: Matt and Simon discuss about UNGRATING, a practice which eliminates or greatly minimizes the use of assigned points or letter grades in a course, focusing instead on providing frequent and detailed feedback to students on their work, in relation to the course learning goals.

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer: His book and discuss many issues.

Hour Two. Andy Truesevich: Legal Expert

Simon Conway: Three children and three adults killed in Nashville elementary school shooting.

Hour one. Dr. Carole Lieberman: Tiktok is communist china's secret weapon.

Simon Conway Show hour two

Simon begins this hour talking about how a biological female cyclist quit because they are allowing transwomen to compete with biological women. Next, Simon talks to Katie Stout about a horse event at the State Fairgrounds that Simon will be judging.

Simon Conway Show hour one

Simon begins the show talking about how Jack Daniels is taking a dog toy manufacturer to the Supreme Court in a trademark dispute. Next Simon speaks with Andrew Downs to preview Iowa women's basketball matchup against Colorado.

Simon Conway Show hour three

Simon begins this hour talking to a doctor about how using certain eyedrops could lead to loss of sight or even death. Next, Simon takes calls and texts to help solve his dog's separation anxiety problem.

There Are Companies in Iowa That Ban You from Having a Firearm Locked In Your Vehicle in Their Lots....

That's about to change if HF654 gets to the Governor's desk and she signs it